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Compare Male Extra Vs VigRX Pills – Which Option Is Better?

Compare Male Extra And VigRX Sexual Enhancement Pills For Men – Which Option Is Better?

male extra does it workThere are several causes for poor sexual performance. The causes could be physical issues or mental issues. Whatever the reason be, erectile difficulties can affect your pleasure and the pleasure of your loved one during intimate moments.

It is very essential to get rid of erection dysfunction problems as early as possible. You will be able to solve your hard on and ejaculation issues if you buy the best natural male erection pills. Male Extra and VigRX are top selling sex pills for men that truly work. Let us compare Male Extra and VigRX supplements to find if they are worth buying.

Male Extra compared over VigRX male enhancement products

Male Extra and VigRX – An Overview

They are pills to make your penis bigger and longer naturally. They are the answers to anyone who asks the question, ‘what can I do to boost my sex drive’. They are natural supplements with natural ingredients that can be bought without any prescription. They are authenticated products manufactured by reliable companies in FDA approved labs.

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Male Extra and VigRX benefits

VigRX features and what it can do for you?

  1. Study on female partners

vigrx products websiteTo study the effectiveness of a male enhancement product, usually the male users are asked to participate in studies. However, the female partners are more benefited when their male partners become more sexually active. This is an unarguable fact.

That is why the manufacturers of VigRX conducted a study among the female partners of the users of VigRX sex pills for men. More than 1600 women participated in the study. What are the results of the study?

  • 95% of the women were thrilled that their partners had better erection.
  • 92% of them were happy with the increased sexual energy of their partners.
  • 85% expressed that they got better fulfilment.
  • 83% felt that their sexual act was more gratifying.

This is really amazing.

  1. Study on male users

Another study was conducted on the users of VigRX enhancement pills for guys. The results of the study are as follows.

  • 85% of the men experienced better libido.
  • 92% experienced better fulfilment in sex
  • 95% experienced better erections
  • 83% of the men were happy that their relationship with their loved ones improved.
  1. How does VigRX work and what it does?

The self confidence of the men increases sharply after using VigRX because of the following effects.

  • Bigger and stronger erections because of the increased supply of blood, oxygen and nutrients to Corpora cavernosa.
  • Increase in the strength and frequency of orgasm. When men are able to get hard erection and when they are able to hold the erection for a longer time, their confidence increases and as a result their performance too improves. This helps in improving the intensity of orgasm.

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  1. 100% natural ingredients. VigRX main ingredients include:

Cuscuta to treat sexual dysfunction and improve sexual health

Ginkgo to increase blood circulation

Ginseng to increase sperm production

Hawthorn berry to increase the strength of erection

  1. Safe to use

Is VigRX safe to use? What are the bad effects of VigRX pills? No bad effects have been reported in VigRX reviews.

  1. Bonuses and guarantee

It is sold with money back guarantee. Bonus gifts and discounts are offered.

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Compare Male Extra and VigRX sexual performance supplements for men

Male Extra features and what it can do for you

  1. Study on male users

A study was conducted to find the increase in the penile size after using Male Extra penis enlargement pills. The results are as under.

  • 7% increase in 2 months.
  • 11% increase in 4 months
  • 17% increase in 6 months
  • 22% increase in 8 months
  • 28% increase in 10 months
  1. Stage 4 erection

Do you know that male erection can be classified into four stages? The least is stage 1 and the maximum is stage 4. Male Extra assures the users of stage 4 erection. This rock hard erection is a big plus to both males and females.

  1. How does Male Extra work and what it can do for you

  • It increases libido
  • It increases blood flow to the penis
  • It gives maximum pleasure
  • It increases the size of the penis
  1. Safety – Compare Male Extra and VigRX supplements for men

Is Male Extra safe to use? What are the negative effects of Male Extra natural penis enlargement pills? There are no reported side effects in Male Extra customer reviews. It is safe to use.

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  1. 100% natural ingredients

Male Extra active ingredients are:

  • L-Arginine to increase blood flow
  • Pomegranate extract to increase erection
  • Cordyceps to increase sexual energy
  • Zinc to increase testosterone
  1. Bonuses and guarantee

Male Extra offers bonuses and money back guarantee to the buyers.

Compare Male Extra and VigRX natural sexual enhancement pills – The last verdict

Both have unique features and are proven for effectiveness through clinical trials. They are good options to increase male performance. Do you want to know where to buy Male Extra supplements and VigRX supplements? Buy them from the official sites to enjoy all offers and discounts.

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Click here to get latest Male Extra discounts and bonuses direct from the official site!

Compare Male Extra and VigRX - Looking for best pills to make your penis bigger and longer naturally? Compare Male Extra vs VigRX natural rock hard erection supplements results, side effect, user reviews, ingredients safety and more

Compare Male Extra and VigRX

Vig RX vs Male Extra review – What is the best male enhancement pill on the market?